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ABOUT HOLLYWOOD NATIONAL SCHOOL/Eolas faoi Scoil Chaoimhín Naofa

Scoil Chaoimhín Naofa/Hollywood National School nestles in the hills of Wicklow just off the N81 at Hollywood Cross.

Hollywood N.S. was built as a two teacher school in 1955. This replaced the original school house located in the old hall. It was considered a state of the art at the time with its electric lighting, heating and flushing toilets.

In 1982 an extension was added which brought the number of classrooms to four. In 2005 extensive building works brought the number of classrooms to six and included a multipurpose hall, computer room and resource rooms.

In 2013 with a growing population and the need to meet the challenges of the curriculum, another extension was completed and two more classrooms were added including an upstairs classroom. It was the architect’s vision to design an extension that would be in keeping with the original 1955 school, while at the same time incorporating the aesthetic, environmentally friendly requirements of a modern building.

We have also seen developments in the school grounds. The original horse chestnut trees planted in 1955 have been further enhanced with the planting of many indigenous trees, a wildflower garden, vegetable plot and herbaceous border.

The children enjoy caring for the grounds by planting bulbs and harvesting vegetables each year.

We are a registered charity: Registered Charity No. 20139162.

Our Mission/Ár misean

What We Stand For

The “Ethos” of Scoíl Chaoímhín Naofa encompasses collective attitudes, beliefs, core values, traditions, aspirations and goals. these are reflected in the actual practices, which are carried out in the school on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. While it is impossible to outline all aspects of the school “ethos”, the following characteristics are experienced and promoted as essential elements in the establishment of a supportive and positive “ethos”.

In Scoíl Chaoímhín Naofa, where the ethos is that of a Christian Catholic School, religious instruction, in accordance with the doctrine and tradition of the Catholic Church is part of the education given children who belong to that church.

  • The pupils are prepared for the reception of the sacraments of First Confession, First Holy communion and Confirmation, in accordance with arrangements in the diocese.
  • Prayer is a feature of the school day.
  • The school aims at promoting the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the pupil, including his/her relationship with God, with other people and the environment.
  • The Principal and teaching staff aim at maintaining high professional standards and creating a safe and happy environment.
  • A spirit of mutual respect is promoted within the school community. Pupils are drawn by example and teaching to appreciate and respect people of different religious affiliations and of different nationalities.
  • Close contact is maintained between school and home. Parents/guardians and teachers support one another and collaborate with one another in leading the children to the fullness of their potential at the different stages.
  • Ancillary staff in the school are highly esteemed and respected. It is recognised that their work makes a valued contribution to the process of education.


It is the vision of Scoíl Chaoímhín Naofa that all pupils reach their full educational potential. We aim to promote self-esteem and self-worth combined with a respect for the rights of others, developing tolerant and caring members of society.

Pupils are encouraged to develop their expressive and creative abilities. Primary education is seen as a partnership with pupils, parents, teachers and management working together with common objectives.


Bord Bainistíochta


Chairperson:Jim Murray
Treasurer:Evelyn Cooley
Health & Safety Officer:Paul Crowe
Principal:Séamas Ó Briain
Deputy Principal:Aisling Duggan
Nominated Member:David Tutty
Parents’ Nominee:Stephen Burke
Parents’ Nominee: Carol McGrath 

 Parents’ Association

Cumann na dTuismitheoirí


Chairperson:Pauline Keogh
Treasurer:Áine Crampton 
Secretary:Margo Griffin
Member:Angela Daly
Member:Margaret Tutty
Member:Lyndsey Carroll
Member:Cathy Lee
Member:Aideen Klauer
Member:Suzanne Gernon