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We decided to carry out an investigation.

First we wrote up our experiment, we recorded the procedure and any equipment we needed, for example beakers, goggles, stirrers, volcano models.  We analysed the experiment.  


Next we predicted our results, some people thought that the baking powder would dissolve in the vinegar, some thought it would explode.
We had a control where we mixed baking powder with water to make it a fair test.


We were very careful and wore our personal protective equipment.

  1. We added some vinegar to the volcano.
  2. Next we added food dye. We ensured it was stirred properly.
  3. Finally we added baking powder to the volcano.

We were very excited.

We watched the volcano erupt. The red liquid flowed down the side of the volcano.


  • The vinegar is acid and the baking powder is a base.  
  • When we mix an acid and base together it results in a chemical reaction, this caused the bubbling effect we saw in the volcano.  
  • Adding red dye made it easier to see.

Did you know:

  • Baking powder is often called sodium bicarbonate.
  • Vinegar is acetic acid.
  • Carbon dioxide is released when we mix these two items.  
  • Adding washing up liquid makes the bubble flow resemble lava flowing down the side of a volcano.