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Aquatic Macro Invertebrates Talk

Aquatic Macro Invertebrates Talk

We were delighted to welcome Bridget Fox to our school as part of our Green Schools Global Citizen Marine Flag.  With lots to touch and look at the pupils were fascinated with what they learnt.  Our sincere thanks to Bridget for sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Green Schools – Global Citizenship Marine Flag

Green Schools – Global Citizenship Marine Flag

The oceans cover over 70% of Earth123 countries worldwide have a coastline, totalling to 1.6 million kilometres in length. Whether you live on the coast or inland, we all depend on the ocean, the products and services it provides (oxygen production, climate regulation, food etc).

4th and 5th A worked in groups choosing a marine topic and presenting their findings to the class.

2nd B and 3rd Class went litter picking in the river – cleaning up the waterway to help river life.

1st & 2nd A Class created a tropical undersea wonderland!

Junior and Senior Infants collected, washed and sorted bottle tops for their Marine Life Project.

Junior and Senior Infants painting their ocean backgrounds and creating under water creatures.

6th Class Hike in Glendalough

6th Class had a wonderful day in Glendalough hiking in aid of Barretstown and a Buddy Bench for our School. They raised over €2,000 for which Barretstown and the school are extremely grateful. We’ll miss you all!

Russborough House

Here are some interesting facts on the history of Russborough.

  • Joseph Leeson came from Northampton in England and bought land in what was then known as Russellstown.
  • It took over 10 years to build the house, Richard Cassells was the architect.
  • The Lafranchini brothers designed the plasterwork on the ceilings, who also did similar work on Carton House, Maynooth.
  • The house remained in the possession of the Earls of Milltown until 1914 when it passed to a nephew Sir Edmund Turton.
  • In 1952 Sir Alfred and Lady Beit bought Russborough House to house their art collection. The Beits had inherited their wealth from gold and diamond mining in South Africa.
  • Their paintings included the work of the great artists – Goya, Vermeer, Rubens and Thomas Gainsborough.
  • The art collection was robbed 4 times between 1974 and 2002.
  • Some paintings were handed over to the National Art Gallery but many were later returned to Russborough.
  • Lord Milltown 6th Earl of Milltown spent much of his life improving the ground at Russborough House. He died at the age of 54 in 1890. His tomb can be seen in the grounds along with that of his wife.