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1.How far can the car travel?  2.What difference does the surface make on the distance travelled? 3.What will we use to measure it? 4.How will we record the results?

A kitchen roll was cut in half to make a ramp. Blocks.  Broken rulers. Rulers.  Metre stick.  Small car.

1 Set up the ramp with one block.
2 Position the car at the top of the ramp.
3 Estimate how far the car will travel.
4 Release the car.
5 Measure the distance travelled.  Check the distance from the edge of the ramp to the back wheels of the car.
Repeat with 2, 3,4,5 blocks.

We recorded the results in a results table.
We graphed the results on a block graph.  
We measured in centimetres and metres.

The car traveller farther when we used more blocks. It travelled 97cm with 4 blocks.
The car travelled farther on the table compared to the carpet.  There was less friction on the table.
We had to be careful when using the broken ruler.  If the ruler started at 5cm we needed to take 5 away from our answer.
We decided a metre stick was best for longer distances.

When we graphed our results  each block represented 10cm

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