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How Plants Absorb Water

This month in Junior and Senior Infants we have been exploring the theme of the Garden Centre in Aistear and learning all about plants. We conducted an experiment to demonstrate how plants drink water. We learned that it is a process called “transpiration.” We put celery stalks in 3 glasses of water with food colouring to observe how the coloured water moved up through the celery. To ensure that it was a fair test we:
1. Made sure all glasses had the same amount of water
2. Made sure to put the same amount (5 drops) of food colouring in each glass
3. Made sure that each celery stalk was the same length
After 24 hours we used our maths skills to measure how far the coloured water had travelled up each stem. We used unifix cubes as non-standard units. The blue and red food colouring reached all the way to the top of the stalk so it measured 11 cubes each. The yellow food colouring only reached half way up the stem after 24 hours and so this just measured 6 cubes. We had great fun doing this experiment!

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