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Second Class
We had a science exhibition based on antibiotics and microbes.
We dressed up as scientists complete with lab coats and identification badges!  We invited the school to view or experiments, interact with us and ask questions.  There were word searches and samples of bacteria on display.

Hand hygiene
We did an experiment to see how we wash our hands best.  We used cold water, warm water and warm water and soap.  We discovered that you have to wash your hands in warm water and soap to get rid of microbes.

Measure our sneeze range
We did an experiment to see how far the microbes in your sneeze travel!! They travelled more than 2 meters!  Cover your mouth with a tissue please!

Did you know that your blood is blue until you introduce oxygen into it?  We breathe in and our lungs fill up!

Microbe Garden
We took samples of food and sealed them in containers.  We observed them and recorded changes for 2 weeks. We discovered different types of mold and microbes.  Some were beautiful blue colours some were hairy and black.

Fungal Samples
We took bread and tested how much mold was on the floor, the carpet and the toilet seat!  We even checked the door handle and our face.  Did you know the floor is dirtier than the toilet seat???

We told the class there were three types of microbes, mold fungus and bacteria.  We made models in petri dishes and showed them to the school.

Our immune system/Vaccinations
We explained that there are different blood cells that kill and attack microbes.  Our white blood cells are specific or non-specific.  If there were not vaccinations half of your class would not be here!

Yeast race
Some fungus such as yeast are good.  They help bread rise.  We added flour, yeast and sugar to water and watched what happened.  It rose to 800ml!!!!

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