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Our class recently discussed various types of bridges. We  chatted where we might find them and what they looked like.
We explored and researched many famous bridges throughout the world.
There are 4 many types of bridges;

A. Beam bridge
B. Arch bridge
C. Suspension or cable stayed bridge
D. Cantilever bridge

The children were divided into groups to experiment creating and designing different types of bridges. The materials used were straws, string, paper, paper clips, cubes, masking tape, glue and lollipop sticks.
The children were asked to design a bridge using various materials. Here’s some examples of what they came up with.

Designing a bridge made from lollipop sticks.
The children designed a suspension bridge using a variety of materials.
The children created and designed this arch bridge.
This is a design of a simple beam bridge.
This bridge was very challenging, the children tried to
create a cantilever bridge.

We had great fun doing the experiments creating various bridges and we will certainly keep a close eye out for these bridges as we travel around Wicklow, Ireland and other places of the world.
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